Policies & Procedures

  • Snacks & Lunches

    Per DCF (Department of Children & Families) Regulations, all children must have an insulated lunch box with an ice pack to keep food temperature safe. Lunches must meet nutritional guidelines set by the USDA. Snacks, drinks, and lunches must be healthy and nutritious.

  • Evacuation Procedure

    In the event the preschool needs to be evacuated by order of the Police or Fire Department, the children can be picked up at the Parish Social Hall directly in front of our building.

  • Fingerprinting

    The Orlando Diocese requires that all persons MUST be fingerprinted through the Diocese if they wish to work around or visit with the children. Please see the Director for more information. (There is a fee to the parents to be fingerprinted).

  • Physicals & Immunizations

    Catholic Schools within the Diocese of Orlando require enrolling students to submit a Florida Department of Health Certificate of Immunization and a Physical Examination form provided for in Florida Statute 1003.22 as a condition precedent to acceptance. The Diocese of Orlando does not recognize a religious exemption.

  • Uniform Policy

    Shirts: Polo style
    – Royal Blue, Burgundy or Navy

    Bottoms: Pants, shorts or skorts
    – Tan Only

    Shoes: All students need to be in closed-toed shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable.

    Backpacks: All backpacks must have a change of clothes, undergarments, socks, and shoes in case of an incident and must be brought in daily.

  • Discipline Policy

    The teachers at Little Blessings believe in nurturing every child. When socialization skills are discussed, children are encouraged to learn words that express their needs and wishes. Teachers offer frequent positive reinforcement to the children, and they strive for a cooperative environment. On rare occasions, when a child becomes overwhelmed and breaks safety rules, the child will be given time to calm down. Under no circumstances, will corporal punishment be a part of our school. Should aggressive behavior become a problem, the teacher will schedule a conference with the parents. Behavior usually changes when parents and teachers work together to help the child understand what is socially appropriate.

  • VPK Registration